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Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection: Ensuring Home Safety and Confidence | Blackout Electric

A purchase of a home will most likely be the biggest asset you have. Most people buying a home will get a building inspection completed prior to purchase. The same should be done for electrical inspections. Unfortunately, many people do not consider investing in these inspections when making the biggest purchase of their life. Make sure the sale contract includes “subject to building and other inspections”, as noting ‘other inspections’ will give you an ‘out’ if there are major electrical problems noted and hence peace of mind for the purchase.

An electrical inspection prior to purchasing the home is also very important. This type of inspection identifies unsafe wiring and alerts you to potentially dangerous situations. Electrical issues may add up to quite significant dollars, especially if the home has insufficient power, faulty equipment or needs parts upgrading, rewiring, power boxes, safety switches, etc.

An older home is more likely to have electrical issues. Investing in a pre-purchase electrical report will help to make an informed decision and can increase your confidence in the decision to purchase the property or not.

An electrical pre-purchase electrical report could include (but not be limited to)

· Identifying electrical hazards

· Testing safety switches

· Evaluation of the electrical service

· Testing of smoke alarms

· Check for dangerous exposed wires

· Inspection of power sockets and lights

· Identify outdated wiring

· Switchboard examination

Here at Blackout Electric we are more than happy to complete any pre-purchase inspections for you with a report at completion identifying any areas of concern, recommendations for work to be completed and a quote for the recommended work.

Having a report like this done can give you peace of mind when purchasing your home and significantly reduce potential electrical risks to the property.

If you’re in the process of purchasing a property and would like an electrical report done get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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