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Optimise Your Heat Pump for Winter Efficiency: Essential Tips with Blackout Electric

The cold weather is well on its way in NZ, so now is the perfect time to ensure your Heat Pump is running safely and efficiently for another Kiwi winter. Heat pumps are one of the most innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems available in New Zealand – If you know how to use them correctly!

Here are some Do's and N'ts to make sure you're getting the most out of your Heat Pump this winter:

DO – Make sure the Filter is clean. Air passes through a mesh filter inside the heat pump. If blocked with dust and dirt, your heat pump's heating function will have to work much harder; don't worry about your power consumption. You can clean your filters every few months by removing them and vacuuming your dust. You must also keep the area around your outside unit clear of weeds and leaves. We also recommend you have your Heat Pump serviced by a professional once every 1-2 years, depending on usage.

DO – Get to know the different modes. No two heat pump systems are the same, so you must know the various methods available for your heat pump. Generally, you should avoid Auto mode and use the Heating mode instead during winter. In Auto Mode, your heat pump works hard to stay at a set temperature, constantly switching between heating and cooling as the room temperature changes. This can waste a lot of energy and increase your power bills unnecessarily.

DO – Make sure you're keeping the heat in! There's little need for a Heat Pump if you aren't creating a reflectingaren'tght environment. Close curtains to keep the heat in and close doors to rooms that don't require heating. Home insulation is also essential - The better insulated your home is, the better it will hold the heat and the more energy efficient your heat pump will be.

DON'T – Run your Heat Pump all day. Running a Heat Pump at total capacity 24/7 will wear it out prematurely and cause a hike in your power bill. Instead, use a heat pump timer – Most modern Heat Pump systems have a built-in timer (some even allow you to set timers for the whole week in advance). Set it to turn on before you get up and just before you get home in the evening. This way, your heat pump will be more cost-effective and keep your home warm and cosy when needed!

DON'T – Set your Heat Pump to Max. Temperature. The best way to use a heat pump is to keep the heat setting as low as possible (we recommend around 18 -20 degrees in winter). Don't set your heat pump to the maximum – it won't heat the room any quicker but will use more energy. Instead, use a timer to have it come on before you need it.

If you're looking to get your Heat Pump in tip-top shape for this winter, or you're interested in having a Heat Pump installed in your home, call the team at Blackout Electric.

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