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Discover 6 Effective Energy-Saving Tips to Reduce Power Usage and Save Money | Blackout Electric

1. Appliances

Are you not using it? Switch it off at the wall. If the wall switch is on, you still use some of your power.

2. Lighting

LED lights are slightly more expensive but last 10 to 20 years – and use far less electricity.

3. Hot water

Make sure your hot water cylinder is at the right temperature. Too high and it'll cost you more to heat; too low and bacteria may breed. We recommend a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or higher to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria.

4. Washing Machines

Put your washing in a cold setting. It cleans just as well, and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) says it saves up to 10 times the power.

5. Timers and sensors

Timers and sensors are a cheap and cheerful way of turning off things that aren't being used.

Group your appliances (like the TV, gaming console and decoder) with a one-timer. It'll sense when the primary load, such as the television, is switched off and the rest is turned off. Clever and cheaper.

6. Heating Sound insulation and efficient heating make it easier and cheaper to heat your home to healthy and comfortable temperatures.

Contact Seb today if you'd like to discuss some of these tips further and hear about how we can help you save money.

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