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Electrical Safety Tips, Flickering Lights and other Common Electrical Problems at Home.

If you're worried about your home's electrical and wonder if it's time to rewire, here are some signs that can help determine whether you should be calling us in.

If a home is over 30-40 years old, and the wiring has never been replaced, then it's probably time to plan this project. Even if there are no apparent issues, it's likely a matter of time before problems occur. So, it is worthwhile to get on top of any issues.

Lights that flicker and dim unexpectedly could be among the first signs a home might need rewiring. A faulty lightbulb may be the cause of this issue, but it's essential to check. If it continues, regardless of which light bulbs are in use, the problem may be loose wiring or faulty circuits, and it's time to call an electrician.

Blown fuses are another problem that may not be a significant issue if it happens only occasionally. However, if the fuses blow regularly, they may be older-style fuses that can't support all the home's electrical appliances. Old fuses could be a sign that a home needs a circuit upgrade.

If a mild burning smell can be detected in a home, especially around the switches, that might mean the wiring is shorting out. These shorts can be tiny sparks behind the walls and floors and can eventually cause significant damage. If you can detect this faint smell, calling an electrician to check it out is crucial. An obvious sign that a home needs rewiring is a need for more and more extension cords. As the number of appliances in the home increases, there may not be enough PowerPoints in rooms, so the family relies on extension cords. The uneven distribution of electricity can lead to fluctuations in power when one point becomes overloaded. If a home is in the process of home renovation, it's a perfect time to check the wiring. If the project includes adding large appliances, then there's a good time to rewire the home first. If the wiring system is not new, adding new electrical appliances could significantly strain the existing system.

If you think your home is due a rewire, call us, and we can offer you a free, no-obligation quote for the job.

Switchboard Update and Upgrade with Blackout Electric

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