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Shield Your Home from Power Surges and Outages: Expert Surge Protection by Blackout Electric

Protect your home with surge protection from power surges and outages, including those caused by vector power outages. Something most people don't think about in their homes is surge protection. During the recent Cyclone Dovi, there were a lot of houses in the area without power, and unfortunately, some customers experienced surges that damaged their devices. A power surge is an increase in voltage that exceeds the standard level of 240 volts, and high-powered devices, bad wiring, or a problem with your incoming supply can cause it.

While a surge of power may not break your electronics immediately, it can put extra strain on various components, wearing them down over time. Power surges can heat wires and components in your electronics, similar to a light bulb filament, and cause them to burn out. A surge protector is designed to reduce the effects of power surges, protecting your electronics. It works by pulling the current from one outlet and passing it through to the devices you have plugged into the surge protector. Surge protection is installed directly at your home's switchboard to protect all of your hard-wired appliances and electronics.

Don't leave your home's electronics vulnerable to power surges in your area or vector power outages. Give the team at Blackout Electric a call, and we'll talk you through the options best suited to your home.

Protect your home from power surges  with Blackout Electric / power surges in my area / vector power outage

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