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Streamlining Your New Build or Renovation: Expert Electrical Design Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed about your new build or renovation? Let us take away that stress (at least from the electrical point of view).

Seb has been in the industry for over 17 years and prides himself on keeping up to date with design and product knowledge. Our software allows us to design the electrical for your home, giving us quantities, and specifications and making changes so there are no surprises when you are trying to work out your budget.

Our electrical plans are easy to understand, and Seb will sit down with you to understand what you are wanting in your home, what's a non-negotiable and what your nice-to-haves would be. We are also big on future-proofing, so even though you might not have an electric car now, should we future-proof for that just in case you do it later? It's much easier to do it during the build than down the track. Don't want those outdoor lights yet, but think it might be something you may like in the future. Lets wire for them, just in case.

We are about solutions, not problems, so if an issue comes up during the build, we are always there to fix it. Something's not going to plan; we're there to pivot and come up with another way of doing it.

Building or renovating shouldn't be a hassle; your trades should be there making it an enjoyable process.

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